Chemical Process, Incorporated is a Chicago based company. We serve chemical plants, water and
waste-water treatment plants, refineries and other industrial, agricultural and chemical facilities.
We'll consult closely with you to match your project's requirements with the most economical and best
long-term storage solution.

FRP Storage Tanks Fiberglass Manufacturing Facility Brine Tanks
Our Fiberglass manufacturing facility offers 40+ years of tank building experience, hosts over 42,000
of square foot area that features flat bottom, conical bottom custom single wall and double wall FRP tanks from 50 - 50,000 gallon capacities, state-of-the-art production equipment and the highest standards with a
full line of accessories. The quality, experience and attention to detail sets an industry standard that is unparalleled.

Flat & Conical Bottom PE Tanks Polyethylene Manufacturing Facility PE Double Wall Tanks to 6550 Gallons
Our Polyethylene manufacturing facility offers 30+ years of tank building experience, hosts over
80,000 of square foot area that features single and double wall polyethylene tanks from 40 - 12,000
gallon capacities in both impact resistant crosslink resin or FDA grade linear resin. Our poly tanks features
include: Air-cooled in special chambers, molded uniform thickness through-out and uses only 100% virgin resins. A complete line of accessories is available. The manufacturing facility is located in the neighboring state of Indiana, which means significant freight savings! Contact us for our full line of tanks and sizes.

Station Systems
Fiberglass and Polyethylene Chemical Tank Farm Chemical Storage

Complete layout, engineering and design capabilities are available.
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